About HawgHead

HawgHead is a full-service comic book, trade paperback, and collectible trading card store serving the community of Fort Smith, AR, the surrounding Arkansas & Oklahoma region, and the world via the web since opening in 1993.

LogoThe beginnings of HawgHead Comics can be traced to Wal-Mart in the early 90’s and a package of Marvel Comics my son Patrick asked for.  It included a black suited Spider-Man (Spider-Man (1990) #13). Within minutes Patrick and I were in the car reading and re-awoke a love of comics. This peaked with the Death of Superman in November of 1992 selling dozens of copies. After a convention in Muskogee, OK I began planning and opened a store in June 1993.

Ashlock LogoThis location served the first two years of operation and in May 1995 relocated to the present location at 1600 South Greenwood where the first in-store MTG tournament in the Fort Smith area was hosted. The number of tournaments being held helped Wizards of the Coast give HawgHead Comics the status of the only PREMIER STORE in Fort Smith. Over the next three years, the business grew and in May of ’98 worked out a deal to purchase the inventory and contacts for Alpha Books, at that time the longest running comic book store in the Fort Smith area. I often say that I bought a store and received a dear friend in the deal with the friendship of Al McGuire, a friend who left this world far too soon. The next several months brought similar deals to other store owners and HawgHead Comics became the only comic book/MTG business in Fort Smith.

Over the next 15 years business continued to grow thanks to my loyal customers. During that time I have had customers who have become friends who stop in to visit several times a month and have made the last 20 years pass by far too quickly. It has enabled me to work at a job I love and make a living as I look forward to the next 20 years.